I was born in Moscow when the Russian Federation was still USSR. At the age of 11 my family immigrated to Israel where I got my education and spent most of my career. Very early in my life I discovered my passion for technology and science which helped me to start my BA in Computer Science at the age of 15 while still in high school. My high school specialization was Computer Science and Electrical Engineering which I graduated with honors.

Three years later I graduated high school and joined IDF for a mandatory military service for three years. With an already strong technical background I was chosen for a RADAR technician role in Israeli Air Force. Sadly, one of the major crises that I had to handle as a team leader were the tragic 9/11 events.

A year after finishing my military service I finished my BA in Computer Science and started Master’s degree in the same subject. At the same time I joined Internet Gold, which is one of the largest ISPs in Israel as a technical support representative and later Network Operation Center as a coordinator.

In 2005 I got my first professional job, as Firmware Engineer in a company then called Winbond. Later Winbond, a Taiwanese company, spun off the logic design group together with the Israeli development center where I worked to a company named Nuvoton. After developing expertise in several subdomains in firmware engineering I was promoted to a team leader and owned development of firmware for a product called NPCT420 which is a TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

In summer 2012 I finally decided that it is time for a new challenge in my life and joined Intel’s Software Development Center (ISDC) in Jerusalem, Israel. I started as a Firmware Engineer for Intel’s version of the TPM device, which was part of the ME (Manageability Engine). With the aggressive schedule dictated by the growing number of products in declining PC market I was able to prove myself as goal oriented engineer and was quickly promoted to Technical Lead.

During those 3 years in Intel I was lucky enough to be exposed to unique combination of cultures, working together in harmony in sharp contrast with the external environment. This experience amplified already existing desire to work in different places and with different cultures and also to diversify my deep technical background. And so finally I gathered enough courage and enrolled in a one year full time MBA program at Hult International Business School in San Francisco campus.

During this year I learned a lot about the startup culture in the Bay Area and now even more enthusiastic about the potential to make positive impact on our lives through technology. Especially, I am very optimistic about robotics (specifically self-driving cars), electric cars and clean energy.

A year later, in August 2016 I graduated and currently looking for my next challenge.

Hult International Business School San Francisco Campus, 4th floor taken by Guy Pavlov